[Travelling] Packing & Airport Advice

So I made this video to help those who might be confused about the international travel process! This particular video is mainly about baggage and what to pack. There will be other videos about going through the airport and other things.

(click the “cc” for English subtitles!)

More explanations below:

Airline baggage policies: 
(I took Delta for both Canada trips, but this time I will be taking US Airways)

US Airways
American Airlines
(you can just google your airline if it’s a different one than this! Just click on “baggage” in the menu)

Simple advice: check first with your specific airline to see what is allowed on board. Also check airport security guidelines (here in the U.S. it’s TSA) to know what you can and can’t take through the security checkpoint. This will get you through the airport quicker and avoid any unnecessary hassle!


Don’t take more than you absolutely need. You’ll want that space for the stuff you bring back!

Essential items include:
-phone charger
-plenty of clean underwear & socks
-enough clothes for your stay (don’t overdo it!)
-hygiene products like toothbrush, etc

Make sure you bring your passport, boarding passes, and ID to the airport! (along with money of course)

I’ll be making a separate post for “at the airport” and going through all that. That will be when I get back from Mexico, so just be on the lookout!

If you guys still have any questions please leave them in the comments and I’ll help however I can! I hope this post could help you.


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