[Finnish] Pronunciation 2 : Syllables, Intonation, & Vowel Harmony

This is the second part about Finnish pronunciation! I’ve been going slowly through this chapter because I believe pronunciation is important, and I never really took the time to get it right when I was studying other languages (I always learnt from books, so it was easy to just excel in reading and writing and ignore the other skills).

In this particular post we’ll talk about syllables, stress/intonation, and vowel harmony.

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See me on Lyrics Translate!

Since I actually haven’t been on in a while, I almost forgot to mention anything about it, but I have an account on Lyrics Translate where I do small translations of songs. It’s a very helpful website if you’re looking for translations of foreign language songs.

I mainly do French > English translations, but I’ve also done some Spanish > English and English > French.

You can see my profile here and take a look at my translations : lyrics translate (I’m sure they’re nowhere near perfect, but I’m still learning!)

[Trip] Mexico Talk :: What’s It Like?

The first night I arrived, I was immediately plunged into a completely different culture and setting as we went downtown in Tlaquepaque to watch traditional dances and mariachi bands play. People crowded around, filming and applauding while the performers were on, and I was entranced by the beauty and excitement of it all. They told me it was an every night sort of occurrence. Nearby, various food and souvenir stands stood out, selling everything from taquitos to ceramic dicks (I’m not kidding, I bought one). As we walked around looking at everything, I was in absolute awe of the entire place. It was loud, it was bustling, and it was amazing.

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[Trip] Guadalajara, Mexico :: 150725-150730

After a much overdue time, I’ve finally put together a video from my trip to Mexico! I had so many amazing experiences in this place and I can’t wait to go back in the future. It was such an enriching and magical experience.

I’ll make some more detailed posts about my trip and Mexico, but for now please enjoy the video! n__n