About me

I am a language nerd who decided to create this blog to share my learning adventures with the rest of you. I’ll be making learning tutorials, writing about my experiences, and just sharing any language-related stuff that I think would be useful. I hope you will enjoy it!

A little about me:

I’m an American girl from Kentucky, and I don’t really like it here. I haven’t ever felt in place, if that makes sense. I feel so much connection with other places, and I want to travel the world and experience new cultures and people. I’ve been learning languages since I was about middle-school age (12-13), although I’ve been interested in foreign language since I was little. I started with Japanese, discovered it was a bit harder than I hoped, and then moved on to German before settling on French because we didn’t have a German class in my high school! So I’ve studied French for about ~7 years give or take. I consider myself fluent in that I understand and speak French with ease, but of course I still make some mistakes!

I took French for 3 years in high school (2 years of basic, and then AP French my junior year. I made a 5 on the AP test!). They started a Mandarin Chinese class my junior year, so I took that for 2 years (I also had Spanish half a semester). I took one semester of French, Chinese, and Japanese (all at once!) in uni before dropping out in the middle of the second semester (long story).

So here I am now, still teaching myself the languages that I’m fascinated with. I hope to become skilled enough that I can become a professional translator in the future and really put these languages to use!

I look forward to meeting new language learners and I hope you all can learn something from this blog and my experiences.


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