About me

I am a language nerd who decided to create this blog to share my learning adventures with the rest of you. I’ll be making learning tutorials, writing about my experiences, and just sharing any language-related stuff that I think would be useful. I hope you will enjoy it!

A little about me:

I’m an American girl born in Tennessee, raised in Kentucky, and now currently living in Michigan. The South sucks, by the way. I’ve been learning languages since I was about middle-school age (12-13), although I’ve been interested in foreign language since I was little. Since it would take way too many words to go over how my language interests have evolved over time, here’s a simplified chart. It lists the languages I’ve actually studied at some point, and the age I first became interested in them. The ones unconnected from the main chart are the ones that I didn’t really stick with for any amount of time, but rather just dabbled a bit.

language chart

I eventually became semi-fluent in French, and I’d say I’m somewhere around a C1 level (just because I still have some trouble with listening). I’m conversational in Spanish, German, and Mandarin (although I’ve forgotten a lot of the latter two and really have to stretch my brain nowadays).

Hungarian is my most recent fascination, and I’m currently focusing on it. Within the past month I’ve reached some sort of A1 level, and I’m trying to become as fluent as I can. I still dabble a bit in the other ones, particularly Finnish, but most of them have been put on hold while I concentrate on Hungarian.

So here I am now, still teaching myself the languages that I’m fascinated with. I hope to become skilled enough that I can become a professional translator in the future and really put these languages to use!

I look forward to meeting new language learners and I hope you all can learn something from this blog and my experiences.


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