Hyvää Joulua!

Today I received the movie that I ordered – “Inside Out” in Finnish! I had to ship it to my friend’s address because the website only shipped within Finland, and she was kind enough to send a book to me as well! The title is “The Magic of Winter” (Taikatalvi), and it will take lots of translating to read but it will be worth it! Thank you so much!!!

(Pictures below!)

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[Finnish] Pronunciation 2 : Syllables, Intonation, & Vowel Harmony

This is the second part about Finnish pronunciation! I’ve been going slowly through this chapter because I believe pronunciation is important, and I never really took the time to get it right when I was studying other languages (I always learnt from books, so it was easy to just excel in reading and writing and ignore the other skills).

In this particular post we’ll talk about syllables, stress/intonation, and vowel harmony.

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