[Finnish] Pronunciation 2 : Syllables, Intonation, & Vowel Harmony

This is the second part about Finnish pronunciation! I’ve been going slowly through this chapter because I believe pronunciation is important, and I never really took the time to get it right when I was studying other languages (I always learnt from books, so it was easy to just excel in reading and writing and ignore the other skills).

In this particular post we’ll talk about syllables, stress/intonation, and vowel harmony.

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[Finnish] Pronunciation 1 : Alphabet, Dipthongs, Long & Short Sounds, the H Sound

Moi kaikkille! I’m studying Finnish pronunciation right now, and I figured as part of my practise I would write about my learning process and also post some audio clips on here of me (trying) to say Finnish words the right way.

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Mistakes to avoid when learning a foreign language

While everyone has different techniques for learning a language, there are undoubtedly some mistakes that a lot of people make when undergoing the process. I’ve definitely had my own personal experiences with this, so I’m going to make a list of some mistakes that you should avoid when learning a foreign language!

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Tips for starting a new language

I’m honestly not really sure what to do for the first post, so I think I’ll just share some tips on how I start learning a language, and what has been most successful for me so far. I’ll make a separate post for mistakes to avoid when learning a language!

Keep in mind these methods may not work for everyone, but this is what has helped me so far.

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