See me on Lyrics Translate!

Since I actually haven’t been on in a while, I almost forgot to mention anything about it, but I have an account on Lyrics Translate where I do small translations of songs. It’s a very helpful website if you’re looking for translations of foreign language songs.

I mainly do French > English translations, but I’ve also done some Spanish > English and English > French.

You can see my profile here and take a look at my translations : lyrics translate (I’m sure they’re nowhere near perfect, but I’m still learning!)


Mistakes to avoid when learning a foreign language

While everyone has different techniques for learning a language, there are undoubtedly some mistakes that a lot of people make when undergoing the process. I’ve definitely had my own personal experiences with this, so I’m going to make a list of some mistakes that you should avoid when learning a foreign language!

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Tips for starting a new language

I’m honestly not really sure what to do for the first post, so I think I’ll just share some tips on how I start learning a language, and what has been most successful for me so far. I’ll make a separate post for mistakes to avoid when learning a language!

Keep in mind these methods may not work for everyone, but this is what has helped me so far.

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