[Trip] Mexico Talk :: What’s It Like?

The first night I arrived, I was immediately plunged into a completely different culture and setting as we went downtown in Tlaquepaque to watch traditional dances and mariachi bands play. People crowded around, filming and applauding while the performers were on, and I was entranced by the beauty and excitement of it all. They told me it was an every night sort of occurrence. Nearby, various food and souvenir stands stood out, selling everything from taquitos to ceramic dicks (I’m not kidding, I bought one). As we walked around looking at everything, I was in absolute awe of the entire place. It was loud, it was bustling, and it was amazing.

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[Trip] Guadalajara, Mexico :: 150725-150730

After a much overdue time, I’ve finally put together a video from my trip to Mexico! I had so many amazing experiences in this place and I can’t wait to go back in the future. It was such an enriching and magical experience.

I’ll make some more detailed posts about my trip and Mexico, but for now please enjoy the video! n__n

[Travelling] Going Through the Airport

This trip has made it official: I despise airports with every fibre of my being. But hey, they’re necessary to get where you want to go. So I made a brief video with basic instructions, and below you’ll find a more detailed walkthrough! Keep in mind I’m still awkward in airports and each one is different depending on where you’re going and where you’re coming from. My go-to advice is just follow the signs and ASK FOR HELP!

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Update 27.7.15

I just wanted to make a small update to say I am in Mexico now and everything is going smoothly! I’ve already tried lots of new things and I’m having a super time. I have lots of pictures and videos that I will upload and post when I get back to the States. I hope you will enjoy them!

In the meantime here’s a picture of the crab I ate today: